machine gun snowballs

9 01 2007

to throw snowballs like a machine gun aim where you wnt to shoot and press t(make sure you didnt press the chat box) and then click and keep doing that really fast.



1 01 2007

Hi im vanyboy11 i love club penguin and im gonna post cheats hints and tips

cheat 1:astro barrier cheat, wen it is loading press 1 for level 10 2 for 20 3 for 30

cheat 2: changin other igloos,(only u can see it) first go to ur igloo and click on  edit igloo then go to ur player card and go to the headquarters using ur cell phone and go to a member igloo and u can move stuff.

cheat 3:

Dance With the Paper!
a. Go on
b. Open up someone’s player card and drag it outside of the screen so you can only see the envelope on their player card and everything to the right of it
c. Open up the Newspaper
d. Click the envelope on the player card and the Newspaper should go away
e. Send them a card
f. You should be able to dance and talk with the Paper

cheat 4:4) Putting Wall Items Sideways
a. Have a wall item on your wall in your igloo
b. Quickly drag it to the outside of your igloo and let go
c. If done right, it should be turned on its side
cheat 5:Walk on Light House Walls!
a. Go to the Light House
b. Go behind the bucket of fish (or between the barrel and the boat)
c. Click the door a couple times
d. Click above the door and you should be able to walk on the wall

cheat 6:Flashing Words
This is a very simple glitch; this is all you have to do.
a. Say, “green commander of…” In the space after of you can say whatever you like.
b. Walk around while saying it.

cheat 7:Dancing with Different Clothes on
a. Have on any clothes on, anything
b. Open up your player card
c. Put on clothes that have a special dance but don’t close your player card
d. Now dance
e You should be doing weird dances while your clothes do different

cheat 8:Furniture on Walls or Furniture on Floor!
a. Go to your igloo and open up your furniture inventory
b. Find out a floor item that is on the top few rows of your inventory.
c. Double click on the item and it should stick onto the wall. (NOTE: After you put a few items on the wall, you will have to log off then back in to do it again.)
d. You can also do the same thing with wall items on the floor

cheat 9:Nubbing
a. Go on
b. Go to somewhere like the Town
c. If there isn’t a space under the chat bar then press F11
d. Click the gap underneath the chat bar and you should be nubbing

cheat 10:Catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing
a. Once the end of the Ice Fishing level comes, catch a small fish and save it
b. Later, when the big fish comes, hold the line with the fish on it in front of the big fish and he will eat it

these were from paintboy100s site him and antras are awesome woohoo