maracas/tour sign glitch

29 01 2007

first wear the tour guide hat then pull up your player card and take it off and put on maracas DO NOT EXIT OUT OF YOUR PLAYER CARD then dance and you will look like your holing up a tou sign and dancing with maracas


tour guide awnsers all 15

27 01 2007

tour guide awnsers right here

Q.Which color of puffle can catch fire?

Q. In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin times?
A. boiler room

 Q. Which of these rooms doesn’t have music playing in the back round?
A. pet shop

Q. How does the pink puffle play?
A. Skips with a skipping rope

Q. What item is always hidden in different place in the clothing catalog every month?
A. The Viking helmet

Q. How many sled racing tracks are there?
 A. 4

Q. Which room has a cuckoo clock?
A. Ski Lodge

Q. How do you get a pin?
A. Walk on top of it

Q. Which of these rooms does NOT have a game in it?

A. beach

Q. What is the name of captain rockhoppers ship?
A. The Migrator

Q. What item is thrown out of the truck in the level 4 of bean counters?
A. Flower pot

Q. What day does the newspaper come out?
A. Thursday

Q. What is the name of the big fish in ice fishing?
A. Mullet

Q. Which of these games has a shark in it?

A. Jetpack adventure

Q. How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?
A. 60

there you are

tour guide and puffle stuff

25 01 2007

tour guides are coming out tomorro and i am going to post the awnsers for the test. the booth right now is under construction in the plaza but tomorro ifyour 45 days old then go to the plaza andthere are tours there

cp password box

22 01 2007

ok please leave cp passwords and users and please dont ban them or put banned people here because people actually want to use the things.

fiesta party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 01 2007

ok today is the fiesta party and there are a few secrets here

first is the new pin its not on the ground.

you have to move your mouse on it twice and it will break and fall(the pin is a cactus)

the second thing is MARACAS wich you get in the lower left hand corner of the nightclub

still want the snowglobe from last month? well here you go.

and there is carpets and floor too…..for members

and for the deluxe STONE igloo click here

and in the furniture catalog there is a big screen tv

and that is all.

14 01 2007

this is another really fun game and you are this little ship thing on mars trying to get minerals and stuff like that it is fun and addicting and at the end you have to get to the bottom and find out the secrets in there

Miniclip Games - MotherLoad MotherLoad

Use your digger to excavate as much ore as possible

Play this free game now!!

cool game

14 01 2007
Miniclip Games - Heli Attack 3 Heli Attack 3

Destroy all enemy units for victory (30+ weapons).

click on this and you can play this game its really cool here are some cheats for it

what you get what you type
Programmer message iopred
Programmer message DayDream
All weapons up up down down left right left right b a select start
Bow and arrow John Rambo
Chain gun Old Faithful
Sniper rifle Its a Jackal
Double shotgun This is my boomstick
Flak Cannon Shrapnel
Guided launcher Follow the leader
Drunken launcher Moonshine
Goo gun Gloop
Spark Plug 9 Volt
Bladerang Australians all let us rejoice
Laser rifle Alpha
Auto laser rifle Beta
Laser shotgun Gamma
Anytime I dont have time to bleed
Airstrike Call in artillery
Level select You are the moon master
A-Bomb Launcher Missile launch detected
Soundwaave Bass in your face
Black Hole Generator Wash away the rain
Amazon Jungle Ive got jungle fever, shes got jungle fever
Canyon Lands Aint no mountain high enough
Zones 4 and 5 Who rides the wrecking ball

 Chain gun:
To get the Chain gun early, go to the training level and follow the instructions until you get to the ladder. Look to your left. You should see a wall. If you shoot the wall it will break. Keep shooting until it will not break anymore. The Chain gun will be there.

Spark Plug gun:
In level 1-3 there is a bridge. Hold [Modify] (default is [Space]) and [Down] on the right side of the bridge. You will drop down. Then, use any weapon on the right side of where you dropped down to break the five sections of the wall to get it

flak gun:
On level 3-3, go to the second metal bridge and use [Modify] (button can be found in pause menu, which is P). Do it again and you will land on a third bridge very low down. Shoot to the right as far as you can go, then shoot up. You will find the flak gun.

Machine gun ammo:
Finish off any enemy during a hyperjump with any weapon. You will automatically receive machine gun ammo.

Sound barrier:
To make a sonic boom around your body hold [Modify](space) and press Q until you get to time break. Then, use the Sound Wave gun and shoot a circle around your body while holding [Shift]. For this to work, the circle must be completely around your body. Then, release [Shift].